Socionext makes 24-core ARM server processor



For maximizing the hardware efficiency of data centre server systems, a scalable, distributed computing server system with power-efficient processors and optimised memory architecture is helps achieve the power/performance balance.

The small core solution implemented in the SC2A11A does not require an advanced cooling system, so the PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) coefficient is also superior, when the SoC is utilised for data centre servers.

Main specifications of SC2A11A include the following:

Processor : Cortex-A53 MPCore 24cores, 1GHz, L1 I/D=32KB/32KB, L2 =256KB, L3 =4MB
Memory I/F : DDR4-2133Mbps 64-bit + ECC
PCIe : PCI Express Gen2, Root/Endpoint select, 4 lanes (2 systems/ for SoC IF)
LAN : 2ch 1Gbps with IPSec Network Offload Engine (wire-speed)
Flash I/F : HSSPI, eMMC Serial I/F : UART, I2C, GPIO


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