Sonos speakers offer you a rare $100 discount on multi-room audio


Update: This Sonos speakers deal ends at midnight on Sunday. There are four different discounts outlined on this page for the US, and others worldwide.

Sonos deals are few and far between because the speakers enjoy good brand recognition. It’s basically the Apple of speakers – at least for now.

Sonos is offering a $50 discount on two Play:1 speakers, giving you multi-room speakers that can in fact fill two rooms, according to the speaker company.

Maybe it’s a coincidence, but several Sonos speakers went on sale the day before the Apple HomePod smart home speaker was announced at WWDC.

That’s good news for anyone who wants cheap Sonos speakers capable of multi-room audio, but – and there’s always a but – the deals is ending on Sunday.

More Sonos deals: Sub, Surround Sound bundles

There’s also a $100 discount on the Sonos SUB, which delivers deep bass for $599 instead of the usual $699. That’s how much it’ll cost after this weekend.

Want the complete Sonos speaker set? There’s a $100 discount on the 5.1 Sonos Surround Sound Package with Playbase or the Sonos Surround Sound Package with Playbar.

What’s the difference? The Playbase is best below your TV while the Playbar is ideal for mounting. Both are bundled with a Sonos SUB and two Play:1 speakers.

Sonos deals for Canada and Australia

Sonos deals in the US are ending this weekend, but consumers in Canada and Australia have a bit more time to find the right Sonos speaker on sale.

In Canada, you can save on  two Sonos Play:1 speakers ($69 CAD off), too, and also act on a similar Sonos SUB ($100 CAD off) deal until June 22.

In Australia, the AU$70on two Play:1 speakers and AU$50 off a Sonos SUB from today until July 2.


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