Super caps for tough environments



Values span 20 to 60F, at up to 2.7V, although rated voltage drops to 2.3V at +85°C.

There are eight case across 16mm diameter x 20mm, to 18 dia x 40mm – equating to 4.1Wh/kg power density.

The cylindrical through-hole (radial lead) devices, called 225 EDLC-R, offer useful life of 2,000 hours at +85°C, said the firm, claiming this to be an industry first.

They also meet biased 85 / 85 1000-hour moisture resistance tests.

“Their high humidity resistivity allows for use in industrial, renewable energy, and automotive applications, including smart meters, handheld electronics, robotics, solar panels, e-latch door systems, and emergency lighting,” said the firm.

Internal resistance is in the tens of mA range and leakage starts in tens of mA on first use and drops to hundred of μA by 72 hrs.

AEC-Q200 qualification is available on request.

The parts come under the firm’s Enycap brand.


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