Surrey Space Centre’s RemoveDEBRIS satellite nets junk


The satellite has successfully used its on-board net technology in orbit, and it is described as the first demonstration in human history of active debris removal (ADR) technology.

The RemoveDEBRIS satellite – RemDeb to its friends – is the creation of a consortium of space companies and research institutions led by the Surrey Space Centre at the University of Surrey.

And you can actually see the net in action below, with the video recorded on Sunday 16 September. And there are more highlights from the experiment below that.


Of course it is not enough to just catch the junk in a net, you have to do something with it. So, the team writes:

In the coming months, RemoveDEBRIS will test more ADR technologies: a vision-based navigation system that uses cameras and LiDaR technology to analyse and observe potential pieces of debris; the first harpoon capture technology used in orbit; and a drag-sail that will finally bring RemoveDEBRIS into the Earth’s atmosphere where it will be destroyed, bringing its mission to a close.