Suzuki, Mazda and Yamaha join auto test list of shame


They join Nissan and Subaru who were found to have falsified testing data earlier this year, and Mitsubishi which was found to have engaged in faulty testing in 2016

In 2015, VW started the list of shame when it was found to have illegally circumvented US testing procedures.

“It is a significant fact that such a large number of our products were improperly processed, and we take it seriously,” said Suzuki president Toshihiro Suzuki  yesterday,”we failed to educate our staff in an in-depth and extensive manner.”

Suzuki discovered incorrect testing of 6,401 units out of 12,819 units sampled since 2012.

“The company takes the incident seriously, and will make sure to prevent the improper inspections from happening again,” said Mazda’s Kiuotaka Shobuda said yesterday.

Mazda found faulty testing on 72 cars out of 1,875 vehicles sampled since 2014.

“It is extremely regrettable that this situation makes users anxious over the quality of vehicles and the quality control operations of carmakers,” said Japan’s Transport Minister Keiichi Ishii.


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