Tesla settles Autopilot lawsuit


The customers, who paid $5,000 for Autopilot alleged that the automated emergency braking, side collision warnings and auto high beams did not work or were unreliable.

They said it braked for no reason and failed to brake when approaching large vehicles, such as trucks and buses.

There have been two fatal crashes and several non-fatal crashes of cars using Autopilot.

In the UK a Nottingham man who sat in the passenger seat while using Autopilot on the M1 was banned from driving for 18 months. He said he felt he had been unlucky to be caught, suggesting thst he knew of others who believed in Autopilot’s reliability.

Last week two consumer groups wrote to the FTC saying that the name Autopilot was “deceptive and misleading”.

Last week Uber gave up testing driverless cars on public roads after a ctash. However, other autonomous car developers, led by Google’s Waymo, are putting in a lot of  driverless test miles as this graph from Statista shows:


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