The After Christmas sales are live: here are the best deals


Christmas Day is nearly over today, and that means US stores will soon offer After Christmas sales for 2017, in case you didn’t get everything you wanted.

Below, we’re already able to list the best discounts from Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy and a few other American retailers who are offering hard-to-pass up price drops. 

There are three types of people who will spend money on After Christmas deals: Anyone who just got gift cards, anyone who didn’t get what they wanted and anyone who is returning something and is tempted by deals.

Here are the best after Christmas sales and deals we were able to dig up in the US, whether you’re looking to shop at eBay or going to Target. There’s a way to save no matter which retailer store you’re at today.

Where are the After Christmas sales?

We’ve got a few highlights on specific items further down the page. But if you’d like to head on over to your favorite store to check out the deals for yourself, here’s a list of who’s having a decent After Christmas sales event.

The best After Christmas sales today

Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones are $118
Sony’s XB950N1 headphones check a lot of boxes. Not only do they cancel out noise, but they are also wireless and are packed with extra bass-leveling goodness. Amazon has them for a gigantic $132 off right now.View Deal

LG G6+ (Prime Exclusive) for $300 off
If you’re dead set on the real deal from this year’s major LG release, this Amazon Prime-exclusive deal will get the 5.7-inch QHD phone for a massive $300 off – just mind the Amazon lock-screen ads.View Deal

Fitbit Flex 2 – $40 off
Start on your New Year’s resolution early with $40 off the thin and light Fitbit Flex 2 (Black). Though it lacks the bells and whistles of more robust Fitbit devices, at $59 on Amazon, this tracker is just what you need to stay on top of your activity goals without spending a lot. View Deal

There are more After Christmas sales coming through, now that Christmas Day is today. We’ll keep this page updated with more deals and our list fresh every chance we get.


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