The best cheap PlayStation VR deals in October 2017

Update: Stock finally seems to be coming in on a semi-regular basis now, with some retailers even going as far to include discounted bundles. It’s about time as it’s been a bit of an omnishambles since launch. A bit like those Nintendo Switch deals.

PlayStation VR is out now and we can’t wait to help you stick your faces in it. We have all the latest PlayStation VR prices below, along with some tasty discounts on the camera, Move controllers and games. Sony’s PS4 virtual reality headset is coming in cheaper than the likes of Oculus Rift or HTC’s Vive, with a starting price of around £350/$399. We’re starting to see some decent bundles now though, which is a good sign before Black Friday.

Below you’ll find our guide to the best PlayStation VR prices out there for the headset. Bundle options often include the camera or games, we’ll keep you posted if any good ones pop up.

This PlayStation VR deals page can also help you prepare by picking up the other kit you’ll need to enjoy the best PlayStation VR experience. You’ll want to pick up the PS4 camera as you need it for the PlayStation VR headset to work. You could also grab a couple of PS Move motion controllers, as some VR games support them. You can also use these items with a small number of Move-based PS4 games like SportsFriends or Just Dance. If you’re looking for the ultimate upgrade, check out our PS4 Pro deals.

cheap playstation vr deals

PlayStation VR headset deals

The grid below will be regularly updated with the latest PlayStation VR headset prices headset from different retailers. After seemingly endless stock shortages, units seem to be back in stock at most stores. Which is fantastic news with 2017 seeing some great PlayStation VR games to enjoy like Resident Evil 7 and Farpoint.

US PlayStation VR bundles

PlayStation VR | PS4 camera | 2 Move controllers | VR Worlds | $449.98 @ Amazon
Stock of the PlayStation VR headset in the US has been terrible for months on end so we’re delighted to see such a good bundle allowing you to really dive into the best of PSVR. This Amazon deal includes the headset, the mandatory PS4 camera and a twin pack of PlayStation Move controllers so you can enjoy motion-controlled VR too. VR Worlds is a great collection of minigames to get you started.

View PSVR deal: PlayStation VR, PS4 camera 2 Move controllers, VR Worlds, camera $449.98 @ Amazon

UK PlayStation VR bundles

PlayStation VR | PS4 camera | Farpoint | VR Worlds | £349.99 @ Currys
This is the best PlayStation VR bundle in the UK at the moment as it includes two great VR games and the essentially PS4 camera for free with the headset.

View PSVR deal: PlayStation VR, 2 games, camera £349.99 @ Currys

PlayStation VR | PS4 camera | 2 Move controllers | VR Worlds | £399.99 @ Very
While more expensive than the other bundles on this page, we’d be tempted by this one as it really does come with everything you could want for the best PSVR setup. In addition to the headset and mandatory camera you’re also getting a twin-pack of PlayStation Move motion controllers, which for many PSVR games, are a much better option, especially in VR Worlds. Plus the Move controller Twin pack is very expensive when sold on its own.

View PSVR deal: PlayStation VR, PS4 camera 2 Move controllers, VR Worlds, camera £399.99 @ Very

PlayStation VR | PS4 camera | PS VR Worlds | £349.99 @ Very
This is a great starter pack to get into PlayStation VR as the headset is bundled with the PS4 camera and a copy of VR Worlds. Don’t forget, you need a PS4 camera in order for the headset to work so this is ideal if you don’t already have one.

View this PlayStation VR deal: PSVR, camera, PS VR Worlds £349.99 @ Very

PlayStation VR headset | £299.85 @ ShopTo’s eBay
If you just want the PlayStation Vr headset on its own, then there’s an excellent deal over on ShopTo’s eBay page. You can get the headset for juast under £300 for the cheapest price in the UK. It comes with a free 12-month collect and replace warranty too.

View this PlayStation VR deal: PSVR £299.85 @ ShopTo’s eBay

cheap ps4 camera

PS4 camera deals

It’s crucial you buy a PS4 camera along with your VR headset, otherwise, it will not work. Don’t pay more than the standard £40/$60 for the camera though.  Sony released an updated, rounder (see image above) model with a built-in TV-mount and there are deals included in the chart below, usually priced around £40-£45, which isn’t bad considering the new clip. The older PS4 camera is also compatible with PlayStation VR. If there’s nothing tempting below, maybe try for a new/preowned unit via eBay?

cheap playstation vr deals

cheap ps move motion controllers

PlayStation Move controller deals

The PlayStation Move motion controllers are very much an optional purchase as not every game supports them. Many that do, also have options to use the standard DualShock 4 PS4 controller instead.

Move wands aren’t as readily available as the cameras at the moment, but there are deals to be found if you shop around -or let us do it via that magical box below. some of the more expensive results are actually for twin packs. We’d advise a little caution if you’re considering preowned units, as the lack of use in recent years may have dulled the charge capacity of the battery compared to new controllers. If you want to try your luck (and probably save a fair amount), here are some handy links for eBay.

cheap playstation vr deals

We’ll update these prices on a regular basis and add any bundles that may appear featuring the headset, camera, controllers or games. 

Need an extra standard controller? Check out the best DualShock 4 deals.

PlayStation VR game deals

Keep an eye on this handy chart below as we’ll update it with the latest prices for a wide range of PlayStation VR games. To compare prices on individual titles, click the ‘View all deals’ button at the bottom of the chart.

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