The best DualShock 4 deals on Amazon Prime Day 2018: find a cheap PS4 controller


If you’ve already gotten a great PS4 deal, now is the time to find a super cheap DualShock 4 deal so you always have an extra controller handy. This is crucial if you plan on long gaming sessions and need a backup controller that’s charged up and ready. Plus, you always want to have one available for a little local multiplayer action. 

The PlayStation and the DualShock controller stories are intertwined, with the controller being around since almost the beginning of the PlayStation brand. Instead of constantly fiddling with the design and features of the DualSchock, Sony has kept much of the dual analog design the same. Now, we’re treated to an iconic controller that’s achieved near perfection.

Over 75 million PlayStation 4 consoles have been sold so far, but most bundles give you just one DualShock 4 controller in the box. Of course, in order to partake in local multiplayer games, you need more than one controller. Plus, having a spare is a good idea in the event the controller you are using’s battery sputters out.

To help you get the most out of your PlayStation, we’ve rounded up the best PS4 controller deals right here. We’ve picked out the best deals for the various different colors too. 


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