The best PS4 Black Friday bundle at Walmart has free two games – and they're great


We searched high and low for PS4 Black Friday deals and stumbled upon one that not only is a $50 discount on the Sony console, but adds a second game.

The PS4 two-free game console bundle is just $274.83 at Walmart and it adds Uncharted 4 and Call of Duty Infinity Warfare to the package. The system has 500GB internal storage and this is an online-only offer at

What makes this PS4 bundle great is the fact that you’ll probably want both games, if you’re not buying for a child. Uncharted 4 is the best PlayStation 4 game right now, featuring Nathan Drake in his first epic adventure on the newer Sony console.

Call of Duty Infinity War sweetens this Black Friday deal. It’s the newest in the Activision series and normally costs $60 on its own. The console usually costs $300 (and originally launched for $499). You’re getting everything for $274.83.

More PS4 console bundles for Black Friday

Don’t need Call of Duty, or is the youngster you’re buying it for not of age? You can find a PS4 console bundle for slightly cheaper without the extra game.

The cheapest PS4 Slim 500GB console is $249 at Amazon, where it still comes with Uncharted 4 on the house.

We also like the PS4 Slim 500GB bundle with an extra controller for $288. It’s also still in stock at Amazon and saves you an extra $22 on buying a PS4 Dual Shock controller on its own.

Finally, the ultimate console, PS4 Pro, costs $399 at Amazon. No, it doesn’t come with a video game, but this is the new, high-end PlayStation 4 system capable of better graphics and it has a 1TB hard drive to boot.


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