The cheapest places to buy Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon in the UK

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon are the latest games in the Pokemon series for the Nintendo 3DS platform and they’re also the last before the franchise moves over to the new Nintendo Switch

Jumping off from last year’s Sun and Moon, these return to the Alolan region to tell an alternate story that revolves around the new legendary Pokemon Necrozma.

Given that these are Nintendo games and very recent releases, it’s hard to find significant price reductions, but we’ve found where you can buy both versions of the game cheapest this Black Friday. 

Which version should I buy?

Pokemon games usually have two concurrent releases and there tend to be few meaningful differences between them. With Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, though their names would suggest otherwise, the differences aren’t particularly night and day. 

You’ll get the same core game and story no matter which version you buy but there are a small number of version exclusive Pokemon, for example you’ll encounter a different version of Necrozma depending on which game you buy.  

The biggest difference between each version is that, just like the original Sun and Moon, the games are set 12 hours apart. Ultra Sun will reflect the time that is set in your 3DS clock, while Ultra Moon will be 12 hours ahead (so if you play during the day, it’ll be night time in the game).

Enough preamble, once you’ve decided which version you’d like to buy it’s time to find out where you’ll be able to get it cheapest. 

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon: the cheapest places to buy  

Given that they’re very new releases, most retailers will be fairly close to one another in terms of pricing. By far the cheapest retailer we’ve found for the game, however, is SimplyGames. SimplyGames is selling both Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon for the simply unbeatable price of £29.99.

Pokemon Ultra Sun – £29.99 at SimplyGames

This is the cheapest price we’ve seen for Pokemon Ultra Sun. If you’re looking for the version of the game that will keep time with your Nintendo 3DS clock and continue the narrative of Pokemon Sun, this is the version for you.

View deal: Pokemon Ultra Sun – £29.99 @ SimplyGames

 Pokemon Ultra Moon– £29.99 at SimplyGames

This is the cheapest price we’ve seen for Pokemon Ultra Moon. In this version of the game, you’ll be playing 12 hours ahead of your console’s clock so if you’re the nocturnal type this is a good chance to get some sunlight in!

View deal: Pokemon Ultra Moon – £29.99 @ SimplyGames

The next cheapest places you’ll find the game are Amazon, Smyths and Toys R Us, all of whom have both versions of the game for £32.99.

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Fan Edition: the cheapest places to buy 

While you’re getting the same game with the fan editions, you’ll also get a nice collectible steel book. As a result, the price is slightly higher but it’s not actually a huge difference at the moment. 

The cheapest place for the fan edition of both games is, once again, SimplyGames where it’s retailing for £33.99. 

After this, the next best deal is Amazon where both versions cost £37.99.

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon bundles

If you want the games but don’t yet have a console to play them on, there are a couple of great offers the bundle the Nintendo 2DS XL along with Ultra Sun or Ultra Moon. 

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