The Contradictory Fellow


Hopefully for him he’s a fast learner and will pick up Android quickly but, when I had to do it, I scuttled back to the relative ease of iOS with relief.

As for Apple, with only 1% of its iPhone output going to Turkey and only a couple of Apple stores in the whole country,  a ban will be pretty much of a fleabite.

Another Erdogan contradiction is that he says he doesn’t like interest rates when he’s president of a country with a 17.5% interest rate.

Yet another contradiction is that he’s standing up to America in a trade war while his economy is collapsing with inflation running at 100%.

Turkey has an $850 billion GDP and exports of $150 billion of which only 5.5% go to the USA but to pick an economic fight with an  economy 20x larger is a trifle deluded.

With a young-ish demographic where 23.6% of the population are under 14 and 68% are between 14 and 64, the Turks will be in no mood to stomach economic misery to feed the ego of its president.

”They have the dollar we have Allah,”says Erdogan.

Oh dear, he sounds a very conflicted fellow.


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