The Hyperice Vyper is the most crazy, yet brilliant, bit of running tech ever


Hello you lovely people – it’s been a long time since we’ve spoken, I feel. That’s partly because I’ve been a bit lazy with running, just chugging along with training idly, and I’ve not been testing things as often.

However, I’ve now started training for the Abingdon Marathon in October this year, and I really, really want to try to trickle under three hours for this one. Yes, that’s the Holy Grail for so many marathon runners, and it’s a bit jump for me (my previous best has been 3:09) but I feel it might be possible if I train correctly.

So I had a look through the various running gadgets and bits and pieces that I’ve been sent over the last few months, and there was one that I meant to use around the London Marathon but didn’t get around to: the Hyperice Vyper (well, technically the Hyperice Vyper 2.0).

This thing is unbelievable. It may look like a basic foam roller, but it’s one of the greatest bits of running tech I’ve ever used. You can just use it as a roller, but that avoids one of the best bits of it: the fact that this thing vibrates, delivering a deeper, more complete post-run recovery.

What is a foam roller?

If you’ve never used one before, a foam roller is a solid cylinder of foam that you place a tired leg muscle on, lower your weight onto said muscle, and roll it back and forth.

For the uninitiated, the rolling can make you cry with pain if you’re really stiff… but annoyingly does actually help release said muscles.

There are three levels of vibration, with the first a relatively modest rumble. This setting is good for beginners (as I found out when showing one new runner this) because the feeling of using a vibrating roller for the first time is weird enough, so simpler is definitely better.

Then you can crank thing up a notch and go to level two. This is like a deep tickle, the muscles getting jiggled around in a targeted way, and you can definitely feel the depth of the vibration going deeper.

If you ever own the Hyperice Vyper, you’ll never spend time in these first two modes after day one. Trust me, head to level three and you’ll be greeted with something like a bucking bronco fused with a recovery aid. 

My god, it’s wonderful though. It not only delivers a really deep and refreshing release of the muscles, but it also seems to reduce the amount of pain a roller usually brings.