This ultra-wide LG monitor is just £124.99 for Amazon Prime Day


There are some fantastic monitor deals to be had on Amazon Prime Day, and this one is something special – an ultra-wide Samsung screen for just £124.99.

The LG 25UM58 has a curved display with a 21:9 aspect ratio that immerses you in your games and movies far better than a flat screen. FreeSync eliminates screen tearing, and there are dedicated gaming modes optimised for different genres, including FPS and RTS. The resolution is 2560 x1080.

Get the LG 25UM58 for £149.99

When the gaming fun’s done, the ultra-wide aspect ratio is also great for work, letting you view multiple documents and web pages side-by-side without crowding your desktop with windows.

For an even more immersive experience, the LG 29WK500 is a 29in monitor with the same ultra-wide aspect ratio, but more screen real estate. It’s down to £199.99 for Amazon Prime Day.

To take advantage of these and other Prime Day deals you need to be an Amazon Prime member, and if you’re not already then you can sign up for a 30-day free trial when you click through to a deal.

LG 25in Ultrawide | was £152.22 now £124.99 at Amazon
The super wide LG 25UM58 makes gaming and watching movies a joy. It features a dedicated gaming mode, with settings optimised for different genres, including FPS and RTS. There’s 18% off for Amazon Prime Day, making it a real bargain.View Deal

LG 29in Ultrawide | was £248.18 now £199.99 at Amazon
The 29in LG 29WK500 makes movies and games look stunning with its 21:9 aspect ratio (which is also handy for work, if you’re so inclined). It delivers rich blacks with superior detail thanks to LG’s Black Stabilizer, and there’s 19% off for Amazon Prime Day.View Deal


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