Thyristors and diodes for automotive



There are 37 all together, in three packages:

surface-mount DPAK (TO-252AA)

surface-mount D²PAK (TO-263AB)

through-hole TO-247AD

The nine thyristors deliver continuous on-state current from 12 to 79A rms, while the diodes, both standard and fast recovery types, offer forward current from 8 to 65 A.

All devices provide up to 1kV/µs immunity, and max repetitive voltages span 600 to 1,600V.

Chargers from 3kW to over 30kW are the target, and the parts are aimed at the 50Hz/60Hz ac line rectification stage, for example in limiting in-rush current, “the thyristors enable soft start functionality without the use of resistors and bulky mechanical relays”, said the firm.

Thyristors Package IRMS (A) VRRM/VDRM (V) Configuration
D²PAK (TO-263AB) 12 to 25 800 to 1600 Single
TO-247AD 30 to 79 1,200 to 1,600
Diodes IF(AV) (A) VRRM (V)
DPAK (TO-252AA) 8 600 to 1,600 single
fast recovery
standard recovery
D²PAK (TO-263AB) 10 to 25 600 to 1,200
TO-247AD 35 to 65 600 to 1600



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