Tiny gate driver delivers 5A for GaN power, at up to 60MHz



Typical propagation delay is speedy 2.5ns (4.5ns max) and minimum pulse width is 1ns, allowing operation at up to 60MHz.

“The single, low-side driver enables efficient, high-performance designs in speed-critical applications such as lidar and time-of-flight laser drivers, facial recognition, augmented reality, and class E wireless chargers,” according to component distributor Mouser, which is stocking the part.

To control output transients from the GaN transistor, the driver’s output strength is independently adjustable for pull-up and pull-down edges by connecting external resistors between the GaN gate and two separated outputs on the driver – see diagram.

Protection features include over-temperature and under-voltage lockout, common-mode transient immunity is above 300V/ns, and the inputs include Schmidt triggers.

Included dead-time control is included for applications such as DC-DC converters, Class-D audio amplifiers and motor drives,” said Mouser.


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