Top 10 most read on (to 22-Jun-2018)


Top 10 most read on (to 22-Jun-2018)

What topics have your peers been reading? Broadcom layoffs, Toshiba SSDs, AI, a Raspberry Pi project book, a Microchip competition and wireless testing all figure prominently this week…

As always, let’s take them it in reverse order:

10. The Latest Techno-Ponzi Scheme

9. 4D Systems has Raspberry Pi displays

8. Cured: Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ won’t boot

7. Grim report for computing studies

6. The curious case of the Nintendo Switch and the Anechoic Test Chamber

5. Win a Microchip embedded Linux development board

4. Top Ten Semiconductor Companies 2017

3. Toshiba changes the SSD game

2. Gadget Book: 20 Easy Raspberry Pi Projects

1. Broadcom lays off 1,100; may lay off more

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