Top 10 most read on (to 8-Jun-2018)


Top 10 most read on (to 25-May-2018)

What topics have your peers been reading? A new Arduino with integrated Wi-Fi and security features, Plessey micro-LEDs for AR glasses, Apple power management chips, a 6mm nuclear battery and DRAM makers under anti-trust investigation all figure prominently this week…

As always, let’s take them it in reverse order:

10. DRAM makers under anti-trust investigation by China

9. Cured: Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ won’t boot

8. Dumbest Remark Of The Week

7. Imec starts pushing metallisation to 3nm node

6. Plessey micro-LEDs selected for AR glasses

5. Arm loses leg

4. 6mm nuclear battery lasts for 100 years

3. Apple cuts back on Dialog orders

2. DevBoard Watch: Arduino Uno WiFi Rev 2

1. Top Ten Semiconductor Companies 2017

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