Top 8 best laptop docking stations


There’s no doubt that we’re heading towards a mobile-first world. You could even argue that we’ve already reached this point in technology. However, you can’t rule out traditional computing devices altogether – especially in the world of work and commerce.

The fact is, mobile devices are handy and convenient, but you still need access to a computer to be able to get all your work done. And it’s much the same situation with laptops. They’re great for convenience, although desktops are the preferred option in the office domain.

With docking stations, though, you can have the best of both worlds. You’re able to chuck your laptop in a bag for meetings and other outings, but connect it up to a dock to turn it into a desktop computer setup back at the office (or indeed at home). That way, you can easily link the notebook to a monitor, keyboard, mouse, printer and so forth.

Searching for the perfect docking station isn’t easy, though. There are so many to choose from, serving different laptops and purposes. In this feature, we’re going to look at the best models that’ll give you everything you need to stay productive.


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