Toshiba sampling 2.4TB 10,500 rpm HDD


Built to deliver superior low-latency performance, the AL15SE Series supports 12Gbit/s[2] SAS dual-port interface to optimize the host transfer rate.

All models utilize a space-efficient, power-saving 2.5 inch, 15mm form-factor. Advanced format models support 4K native and 512e emulated sector technologies, increase areal density in capacities from 600GB to 2,400GB and feature a 15 percent increase in sustained transfer rate over the prior AL14SE generation. New 512n sector technology models increase areal density in capacities ranging from 300GB to 1,200GB.

The AL15SE Series features optional Sanitize Instant Erase (SIE)[4] models and leverages Toshiba’s persistent write cache technology for robust data integrity in sudden power-loss scenarios. The models are designed for tier one mission-critical servers and storage systems, including hybrid storage platforms which may benefit from both low-latency and storagge up to 2,400TB.


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