Tough connector integrates into clothing


Fischer-Freedom-LP360-wearables connector

For easy connection, the key-less plug and socket can be presented to each other as any angle around the mating axis “ensuring that the cable can always go straight to the device. No more twists and turns means shorter cables in the equipment body-worn by dismounted soldiers, healthcare professionals or patients, civil engineers, surveyors and operators, and law enforcement officers and security guards,” said the firm.

Retention is though a patented ball locking mechanism (see image).

Both plug and receptacle are fully cleanable and the pins on the plug are IP68 sealed with a membrane.

“Thanks to its compact and low-profile design, the LP360 is easy to integrate into clothing with devices and subsystems; via the panel-mounted plug interface, cables can even be removed completely, and the connector can be directly integrated into the housing of such devices as a camera, a sensor, a light, a GPS,” said the firm.

Signal and power come through seven contacts, up to 24AWG, compatible with up to three 5A power connections and four 1A signals such as USB2.0 and Ethernet protocols.

The receptacle can panel-mount with O-ring sealing, or be integrated with a wearable.

Construction is stainless steel and brass, and life is a minimum of 10,000 mating cycles. It is “tested in line with MIL and IEC standards,” said Fischer.

A 100V-rated pre-cabled version includes a Vectran central strength member that pushes breaking strength up to 400N and:

  • A 28 AWG twisted pair with 90 ±10Ω characteristic impedance
  • Three 26 AWG insulated conductors
  • Two 24 AWG insulated conductors
  • A braided shield

One concept for use is for an intelligent vest which works as a hub with multiple portable and body-worn devices connected to a shared data and power bus.




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