UK nano-coating firm has IP ranking success


P2i, the Oxfordshire-based liquid repellent nano-coating firm, has been ranked second in the IP League Table compiled by Metis Partners. 

The IP League Table highlights those companies which have significantly invested in their IP in the form of IP creation, IP management policies, R&D activities and IP commercialisation.

The company was ranked first in the Trade Secret IP asset class and third in Patents IP asset class. 

This was due to a complete overhaul of its trade secret management, including the drafting of a new trade secret policy and the provision of company-wide staff training around the importance of trade secrets in business. 

P2i also developed its extensive IP-related processes including portfolio management, its focus on invention disclosures and pre-filing diligence.

Ady Moores, CEO of P2i, writes: 

“Our patented and innovative technology helps us to maintain our competitive edge in the market. This is crucial as we continue to grow – we have now coated over 250 million devices globally – and continue to be a world leader in liquid resistance nano-technology.”

P2i originated within the UK Ministry of Defence and in 2004, Stephen Coulson founded P2i to commercialise the plasma technology he had invented.

The firm has a patented pulsed plasma process for hydrophobic nano coatings, which provide the high levels of liquid repellency.  

The main application the firm’s liquid repellent nano coating technology is electronics, but it also have experience in other sectors such as filtration, military clothing, and life sciences. 


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