UK ratifies Unified Patent Court Agreement



UK ratification brings the international court one step closer to reality.

The Agreement on the Unified Patent Court (UPC) is an international treaty. The international court will have jurisdiction over patent disputes across its contracting states.

It will deliver a single judgment in cross-border disputes between private parties over patents granted under the current intergovernmental system.

This system is administered by the European Patent Office, who are responsible for granting future Unitary Patents.

The UK became a signatory to the Unified Patent Court Agreement in February 2013. For the court to come into being, thirteen Member States must ratify the agreement. This includes the UK, France and Germany, France has already ratified in early 2014.

“Ratification of this important Agreement demonstrates that internationally, as well as at home, the UK is committed to strong intellectual property protections,” says Sam Gyimah, Minister for IP. This will help to foster innovation and creativity, bringing our modern and ambitious Industrial Strategy to life.

Innovative businesses will benefit significantly from the Unified Patent Court. It removes the requirement to assert rights before the court system of each state.

The unique nature of the proposed court means that the UK’s future relationship with the Unified Patent Court will be subject to negotiation with European partners as we leave the EU.



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