UK specialist in TI silicon wins Korean LTE deal

Edward Young

Edward Young

Eucast has licensed Loughborough-based CommAgility’s LTE physical layer software, called SmallCellPHY, for small cells. The software is designed forTexas Instruments’ KeyStone II silicon and will be used on the Texas Instruments TCI6636 multicore DSP+ARM SoC.

Edward Young, general manager at CommAgility, writes:

“Our SmallCellPHY is the industry-leading LTE PHY for TI SoCs, which has been successfully used by Tier 1 equipment vendors.”

The Korean firm is developing a range of picocells, which are designed for commercial networks and to meet the special needs of private networks.

Jaehyeong Kim, CEO at Eucast, writes:

“We value the flexibility of the architecture to meet special application requirements, and the unparalleled global support provided by CommAgility.”

SmallCellPHY is available in two variants – as a Reference Chain, and a version for Texas Instruments’ small cell SoCs.

Compliant with 3GPP Releases 8, 9 and 10, it is entirely software-defined, to increase flexibility and scalability.

SmallCellPHY is optimised for low memory, processing power, and power consumption, and provides innovative algorithms such as advanced schedulers.


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