Varta slots in 14mm cell for wearables

CoinPower series

The microbattery firm will demonstrate its CoinPower series with a capacity of 85mAh, from a diameter of 14.1mm cell with a weight of just 2.4 grams.

“Their compact and stable cylindrical design, coupled with a high energy density and exceptional performance, make the CoinPower cells a perfect power source for all wearables and hearables,” explains Herbert Schein, CEO of Varta.

The button cells have a steel housing to make them resistant to shock and vibration.

The potential applications, says the firm, include the rapidly expanding areas of Bluetooth headphones.

The patented design incorporates the i-Lock system, which together with the circular form enables an energy density up to 30 percent greater than comparable microbatteries on the market.

Varta will also be demonstrate in Munich this week its rechargeable CoinPower series which  is used in the Cosinuss One, a  in-ear pulse meter that looks like a wireless earphone.

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