Waymo sues Uber



“Recently, we uncovered evidence that Otto and Uber have taken and are using key parts of Waymo’s self-driving technology,” says Waymo, “today, we’re taking legal action against Otto and its parent company Uber for misappropriating Waymo trade secrets and infringing our patents.”

The dispute centres on Otto’s LIDAR circuit board which bears a “striking resemblance” to Waymo’s LIDAR circuit board, says Waymo.

Waymo alleges that a former employee downloaded over 14,000 Waymo design files for Waymo’s various hardware systems, including designs of Waymo’s LiDAR and circuit board before leaving Waymo and joining Otto.

“Other former Waymo employees, now at Otto and Uber, downloaded additional highly confidential information pertaining to our custom-built LiDAR including supplier lists, manufacturing details and statements of work with highly technical information,” alleges Waymo.

The lawsuit alleges unlawful misappropriation of trade secrets, patent infringement and unfair competition


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