What is the S Line version of Cree’s XP-G3 all about


Cree XP-G3

“Through innovations in component architecture, the new XLamp XP-G3 S Line LED can withstand double the number of switching cycles when compared to competing leds in its class,” said Cree in the launch paperwork – leaving me to wonder if the competitor is the Standard version, or not?

I have trawled through the new version of the XP-G3 data sheet (CLD-DS139 Rev 2), and am struggling to find any differences between S Line and Standard – all the current, voltage and light curves look identical, but the firm is presenting them on separate graphs so maybe I am missing something.

The one thing I did notice was that it only comes in 70CRItyp, while Standard versions come in that, 70CRImin, 80CRYtyp and 90CRItyp.

The data sheet says: “White (S Line) improves on the Standard version: better system‑level reliability through switching and dimming cycles, improved resistance to sulphur exposure and
higher efficacy,” going on to link S Line with ‘IoT’ and sensor-based operation.


And I can’t find the LM80 data, despite this in the launch paperwork: “The XP-G3 S Line LED has LM-80 data available to enable luminaires to immediately meet the requirements for DesignLights Consortium qualification. Please visit here to learn more.”

I have requested clarification

Over to you Cree.


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