Willow offers high current blowout relay for electric vehicles

It is designed for electric vehicle systems which might use 48Vdc, 72Vdc or 80Vdc, which can be difficult to switch using traditional relays.

According to Willow, the DG85CM electric vehicle relay features AgSnO2 contacts with high inrush capability 150A at 12.8Vdc, overcoming difficulties in switching.

John Merrill, Relays Product Manager at Willow, writes:

“The Durakool DG85CM is available with a range of DC coils for high continuous DC current carrying capability from 6VDC to 110VDC, making it suitable for many automotive and industrial applications. It can be used in electric vehicles of all types, including mild hybrids, for power steering, active suspension, DC motors and DC motor drives etc.”

The relay’s maxi ISO terminal arrangement follows an internationally recognised standard for connection compatibility.

It is available with PCB mounting for soldering to a control PCB, or with socket mounting for directly mounting into a socket, or with bracket mounting for directly mounting to a chassis and connections made via crimp terminals.


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