XinaBox addresses IoT with modular xChips


XinaBox addresses IoT with modular xChips

It’s a modular system for both quickly building electronic products and supporting STEM learning, with no need for soldering or wiring.

The constituent xChips (2×32 mm, 4x2U is 64×32 m) are designed to be fully interchangeable.

A large range of such modular “xChips” are available. We’re talking cores, bridges, sensors, power, interfaces and output support. You can see the full range of “xChips” on the XinaBox website.

The company provides a set of kits – which are a selection of its xCHIPs – designed to fast track your experience of XinaBox. Check out its projects section for some ideas on what you can make. For example, Atmospheric Pressure Measurement, a UV Index Alert and even a Space Invaders game that runs on a Raspberry Pi.

Note that you can also bridge to existing popular platforms and environments such as Raspberry Pi and Arduino.

“Without soldering, wiring, breadboarding, or hardware knowledge, the developer can assemble a circuit in a matter of minutes, and get straight to coding,” says Daniel Berman, co-founder of the business.

“XinaBox is agnostic to choice of core, Single Board Computer (SBC), or programming environment. We offer industry standard cores, and bridges to all popular SBCs, including Raspberry Pi, Minnowboard, Beaglebone, Micro:bit, Pixhawk and 96 boards formats, and ATmega Arduino IDE compatible cores.”