Yokogawa gives scopes CXPI automotive serial bus analysis option  


DLM4000 series scope

CXPI (Clock Extension Peripheral Interface) is an automotive serial bus interface that can be used as an alternative to the established CAN and LIN buses for in-vehicle communications.

Its attractions are lower power consumption through electronic control its use of light weight wiring harnesses.

When equipped with the CXPI option, the DLM oscilloscopes will decode and display CXPI frames in real time.

An auto setup feature can be used to analyse the input signals, set the time and voltage axes automatically along with various trigger settings such as threshold levels, bit rates and trigger type, and then display the decoded result.

CXPI was standardised in 2015 under SAE J3076 as a communications bus for diverse automotive applications. The bus uses pulse-width modulation to transmit data over a single wire at 20 kbit/s. The characters used are based on UART.

CXPI has the CSMA/CR system (event initiate system) built into the polling system of LIN, which provides a fast response time and scalability.

The ability to transmit data and a clock signals at the same time via PWM can simplify system design.

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