1.5kW resistors rescue Ferris wheel


Vishay RBSF 1.5kW resistorThey are 508mm long and 63.5mm in diameter and weigh 1.9kg each.

In August, Wonderfair Wheel, North America’s largest travelling Ferris wheel, was due to set-up at the Wisconsin State Fair, when, according to Vishay, “it was determined that the Ferris wheel’s existing resistors were failing and required immediate replacement.”

Vishay Wonderfair WheelStanding 15 stories high with 36 gondolas, the Wheel relies on braking resistors for smooth deceleration.

Vishay Milwaukee had suitable RBSF resistors in stock and delivered 10 of them the same day – two for each of the ride’s four drives and two for spares.

Vishay Wonderfair Wheel motor“In such a time-sensitive installation, it speaks volumes to the level of service Vishay Milwaukee provides,” Vishay director of product marketing Jerry Seams. “The RBSF series devices have performed perfectly – our engineers were able to ride the Ferris wheel with their families the following weekend.”

These are silicon-coated resistors. The glass-coated variant is RBEF1500.

It is lit by over half a million LEDs.


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