10 most exciting Xbox One games Microsoft revealed at E3 2017


In a world that’s oversaturated with undead media in every form, the original State of Decay managed to offer a cooperative affair that made the impenetrable world of DayZ and the drama of Telltale’s The Walking Dead. 

Unfortunately, it was as buggy and twitchy as its shuffling enemies, so dev Undead Labs is looking  to right those wrongs with State of Decay 2.

Arriving next spring, State of Decay 2 enables you to team up with up to three other players as you’re tasked with surviving a zombie apocalypse in the wake of the army abandoning your hometown. 

The big focus here, as with the first game, is teamwork and resource hunting. Rather than looking after your own skin the whole time, Undead Labs says you’ll need to build a community, so that means finding and helping other survivors. Those resources will enable you to build regues, as well as repair vehicles.

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