4DS joins Imec for ReRAM process development


4DS’ shares have been put on a trading halt pending the raising of fresh capital.

The intention with Imec is to demonstrate the process with a 1Mbit test chip.

4DS has a development agreement with Western Digital subsidiary HGST to develop interface switching ReRAM based on 4DS’ metal oxide hetero-junction operation (MOHJ0) non-volatile memory.

4DS distinguishes its ReRAM from the Intel/Micron 3D Xpoint, from CBRAM from Adesto Technologies and from the silver-over-amorphous-silicon ReRAM from Crossbar, by not being a filamentary memory.

In the 4DS ReRAM switching takes place across the interface to a thin film layer of PrCaMnO3 (praseodymium calcium metal oxide).

This has more in common with the correlated-electron RAM (CeRAM) technology of Symetrix.


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