Always-on USB-C power chips wastes little



“USB Type-C products must generate an always-on 3.3V rail to detect USB insertions,” said the firm. “Products utilising the Power Delivery voltage range of 5 to 20V can generate an always-on 1.8, 3.3 or 5.0V digital supply rail for the port controller using the MAX77756 step-down converter.”

In addition, MAX77756 includes dual input ideal diode ORing circuit that allows the chip to take power from an external USB source if the battery is empty – so no external Schottkys – over 5V-20V from the USB and 2, 3 or 4 Lithium cells.

An I²C bus is included for programming, and there is a default power mode if customers not wanting to use the I²C.

Efficiency is up to 92% with the integrated power multiplexer, and other features include thermal protection, 8ms internal soft-start to control in-rush current, current-mode architecture, and up to 26V input voltage stand-off.

MAX77756It comes in a 2.33 x 1.42mm 15bump WLP.

Potential applications include multi-cell battery-operated devices – such as ultrabooks, laptops, tablets, drones, and home automation appliances.



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