ams uses closed-loop sensing for tight LED light control


AS7221 block diagram

AS7221 block diagram

Following the AS7221 smart lighting manager introduced earlier this year, this new device, the AS7220, combines a precise calibrated-for-life colour sensor with an intelligent Cognitive Lighting Engine for standalone closed-loop maintenance of  the output from strings of warmer and cooler white LEDs.

“The result is a luminaire which automatically adjusts for the colour shift and lumen depreciation of LEDs as a natural result of aging, operating temperature changes and driver variation over lifetime,” said the supplier.

Sensor-driven algorithms are used o allow for a more loosely CCT- and flux-binned range of cool-white and warm-white LEDs to achieve a high and stable quality of light.

After the desired CCT and/or full-output lumen values are programmed into it on the production line, it autonomously implements closed-loop color and output control of the LEDs inside a luminaire or lamp.

Control of the power supplied to LED strings is implemented via either digital switching of multichannel power supplies, or through a combination of PWM current steering combined with an analog or digital output to standard single-channel 0-10V or PWM-input dimming ballasts or drivers.


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