Anthem: trailer, release date and news


Update: Casey Hudson, the former General Manager at BioWare Edmonton, has announced that he plans on returning to the role via Twitter and will replace Aaryn Flynn. Under Hudson’s careful guidance, the studio launched the original Mass Effect trilogy and has worked on Neverwinter Nights and Star Wars.

Anthem will, apparently, be a science fantasy game more in the vein of Star Wars and offerings from the Marvel universe, rather than a hard core science fiction title like Mass Effect, former BioWare Edmonton general manager, Aaryn Flynn, has revealed.

In a recent interview with CBC Flynn said that like these franchises Anthem will be a game in which “you see a lot of amazing things happening but we don’t worry too much about why they are happening or how they are happening; the science of it.“

BioWare has dipped its toes into the science fantasy genre before with titles such as the RPG Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and the online multiplayer game Star Wars: The Old Republic. Anthem will, apparently, be much more along these lines and “much more about just having fun in a game world that is really lush and exotic and really sucks you in.” Unlike Mass Effect, which Flynn says was a “more a real hard core science fiction IP.”

Taking this into account alongside the game’s more online multiplayer leanings and it seems like BioWare is certainly attempting to step into a space currently dominated by games such as Destiny. It’ll be exciting to see what else a developer with so accomplished a background in lore-heavy single player storytelling can bring to this genre.

Anthem’s big debut

E3 is always full of surprises, and one announcement we weren’t expecting at E3 2017 was a whole new game from BioWare, called Anthem.

From the short trailer shown at EA Play keynote we can get a tiny glimpse of the game world wall that’s the only thing that separates the civilized world from a dangerous and savage animals. Exosuits also seem to play a big part in surviving in the wilderness, and a player might jump into them as part of the game.

But while EA gave us our first taste of the game and what we might find in its Pandora-esque world, Microsoft gave us our first true look.

BioWare describes Anthem as “a new game from EA’s BioWare studio, explore a landscape of  primeval beauty, confront the dangers you find, and grow in power with every step”.

It’s the first game BioWare has unveiled since its polarizing Mass Effect Andromeda, and it looks to build on BioWare’s legacy of great Sci-Fi games.

Cut to the chase

  • What is it? BioWare’s newest IP
  • When can I play it? Autumn 2018
  • What can I play it on? To be announced