ARM Cortex-M MCUs get fast trace probes


ARM Cortex M7The firm believes that the main reason that developers do not use trace probes is the complexity of the tools.

By referring to a tutorial on the firm’s website, engineers can experience streaming trace, real-time code profiling and code coverage which Segger claims can take less than 15 minutes. This includes the time to download and install all necessary software.

“Embedded systems have grown in complexity on a massive scale in recent years. IoT has given this development another boost, yet still most developers do not use trace probes. The perception is that it is too difficult to get trace up and running,” said Rolf Segger, founder of Segger Microcontroller.

The board, which ships with the firm’s J-Trace PRO for Cortex-M, can also be purchased apart from the J-Trace PRO unit.

The J-Trace debug probe family is designed to be tool chain independent and works with free GDB – based tool chains as well as commercial IDEs.

J-Trace PRO works with all currently available Cortex-M devices up to a 300MHz maximum trace clock. It supports tracing on Cortex-M0/M0+/M1/M3/M4/M7 targets.

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