Arrow IoT board makes the most of NXP Cortex-M4 controller


There is also a gesture control capability.

HANI board

Called HANI, the board has an NXP LPC54618 180MHz Arm Cortex-M4 microcontroller which has an integrated LCD controller providing user interfaces on TFT-LCD graphics panels ranging from small 3.5-inch QVGA (240 x 320) up to 7-inch displays with 800 x 400 pixels. 

The controller can also work with simple colour or monochrome STN displays.

The board’s wireless interfaces are provided by a Rigado R41Z IEEE 802.15.4 radio module with Bluetooth 4.2 Low Energy, Thread and Zigbee protocols, based on the NXP Kinetis KW41Z MCU. 

A Silex SX-ULPGN 802.11b/g/n module with 16Mbit SPI flash built-in provides a WLAN gateway and there is an integrated security engine of the Qualcomm QCA4010 Wi-Fi IoT SoC. 

With an NFC reader based on the NXP CLRC663 also on-board, HANI streamlines development of devices that allow easy Bluetooth pairing, tag readers, or physical-web devices.

Included in the board’s sensors is the NXP FXPQ3115BV bio-compatible precision pressure sensor suitable for medical devices like CPAP equipment, spirometers, inhalers or oxygen concentrators. 

MEMS motion sensors including NXP’s FXLS8471Q 3-axis accelerometer and FXAS21002CQ 3-axis gyroscope can be used to add gesture control.


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