The JBL Link Bar brings Google Assistant and Android TV together on a soundbar


Ahead of its Google IO 2018 event on May 8, Google and JBL have announced a new breed of soundbar that takes the best of both companies and mashes them together.

The result is the JBL Link Bar, and it offers Android TV and Google Assistant all built into a unibody soundbar.

Now, you might be wondering, why is that so appealing? 

Android TV has apps for Netflix, YouTube and Hulu, while Google Assistant that offers voice control over your smart home devices, music streaming services and answers to voice inquiries. Combining the three products together in one spot is not only extremely convenient, but it’s also potentially cost-saving, too.

If we were a betting website (which we’re not) we’d bet that the JBL Link Bar is likely to take center stage – alongside a number of other new audio devices – at the May 8 event.