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The LG G6 is arguably the company’s most stylish flagship yet, with a metal frame, a shimmery glass back and a sleek overall design.

It’s also water and dust-resistant, but what it’s not resistant to is being dropped, scratched and generally mistreated. Even if you’re careful with your phone, accidents can happen, and the LG G6 is a very expensive handset to have to replace. So, to avoid that fate you’ll probably want to stick it in a case.

i-Blason Clear Bumper case

A playful combo of form and function

Colors: Black, Pink, Blue, Silver | Material: Silicon and TPU



Gives the G6 a rounded look

May be too bulky for some

The iPhone bumper cases brought baseline protection and a lot of style to Apple’s world when they released. And now, the i-Blason case for the LG G6 is a reinvention of that idea in a way.

It takes the color presentation that we fell for years ago, makes it available in several color options for the G6, and then adds more protection. 

Funny enough, the G6 already offers military-grade protection against breakage, but if you’re trying to limit the amount of scratches on its glossy back, this case is a colorful way of going about that mission.

Poetic Revolution Heavy Duty Hybrid Case

Big protection, small price

Colors: Black, Pink, Blue | Material: Polycarbonate and TPU


Decent amount of protection

Plain design

Few color choices

You don’t have to spend a serious amount of money to get serious protection for your LG G6, as the Poetic Revolution Heavy Duty case proves.

This case comes with easy-to-grip sides and a shock absorbent design. It’s also vaguely dust and water-resistant, with port flaps and a screen protector also included – though this is perhaps overkill given that the LG G6 itself is already resistant to these elements.

As with any heavy-duty case it somewhat sacrifices form for function, opting for a fairly plain design, but it’s surprisingly slim given all the protection it offers.

Bear Motion Ultra Slim Case

Low-profile protection that enhances grip

Colors: Black, Navy, Grey


Very low-profile

Yields better grip

Divisive look and feel

Can crack after several removals

The Bear Motion snap-on case provides protection around all corners while maintaining a low profile.

Its sandpaper-like feel might take some getting used to, but one thing’s for sure: your LG G6 won’t slip out of your hands with the Bear Motion installed.

While it doesn’t do much to add to the good looks of the G6, this unobtrusive case is worth having on if you’re worried about damaged goods.

Spigen Thin Fit case

A thin-fitting case for subtle protection

Colors: Black, White

Low profile

Matte texture adds grip

Lack of color options

A case is, of course, useful if you’ve got butterfingers. Many will protect your phone once it’s left your fingers and is on the way toward the ground. But not all cases add the grip that helps to prevent drops from happening in the first place.

The Spigen Thin Fit is one of those cases. Better yet, the low profile hugs the G6’s curves to keep the look of the device shining through the case. 

This one snaps to the edges of the G6, so you’ll be able to appreciate the nearly bezel-free display used on the phone.

Belk Bumper Case with Kickstand

Keeps your card safe and secret

Colors: Black, Blue, Green, Gray, Rose Gold | Material: Polycarbonate and TPU


Card slot

Made of plastic

Not overly slim

For something a little more stylish consider the Belk Bumper Case, which has an attractive brushed metal effect finish – though don’t be fooled, it’s actually plastic.

It comes in a handful of different colors and also includes a kickstand, so you can stand the phone up for convenient viewing.

Cleverly, the kickstand also hides a card slot, so you can leave your wallet at home and stash your credit or debit card somewhere no-one would think to look.

Spigen Liquid Crystal Case

Barely a case at all, in a good way

Colors: Transparent | Material: TPU

Shows off your phone

Slim and light

Minimal protection

Looks cheap

No-one actually wants to put their phone in a case, we just want a handset that’s still functional after it’s slipped through our fingers for the sixth time. This week.

The Spigen Liquid Crystal Case is something of a compromise, providing a limited amount of protection without covering up the LG G6 too much. It’s transparent for one, so you can see the phone in full, and it’s slim enough to not add much weight or bulk to the handset.

You will, of course, get more protection elsewhere, but if you just want to keep your phone scratch free and give it a fighting chance of surviving a fall, this Spigen case will do the job.

Fyy Wallet Case

Protects both your phone and your money

Colors: Black, Brown, Navy, Purple, Wine Red, Gold, Mint Green, Red, Rose Gold, Patterned | Material: PU leather

RFID blocking

Card slots

Not real leather


This isn’t real leather, but then it doesn’t have a real leather price, and the effect is fairly convincing. This Fyy case is also available in a wide range of colors, so you’re sure to find something to fit your mood or style.

As a wallet case, it also does a better job of protecting the LG G6’s screen than most, and gives you plenty of room for all your cash and cards.

Plus, this particular wallet case is also an RFID blocker, so you don’t have to worry about anyone stealing your digital money. Add in the fact that it can fold out into a stand, and this is a seriously full-featured case.

Ringke Air Prism Case

Colors: Ink Black, Clear, Rose Gold | Material: TPU

Unusual design

Good value

Unusual design


This is something a bit more visually interesting, with a raised geometric pattern that’s somewhat reminiscent of the plastic version of the LG G4, albeit less subtly patterned.

It’s a design that won’t be for everyone, but it makes the case stand out and look far better than a simple plastic cover has any right to.

There aren’t many color choices, but at least there’s a transparent option, so you can show off the LG G6 itself underneath.

SUPCASE Rugged Holster Case

Designed for belts and built to last

Colors: Black, Blue, Pink, White | Material: Polycarbonate and TPU

Includes a holster



Not as cheap as some

We’ve never really been sure why anyone would want to carry their phone on their belt, but if you do – perhaps due to an absence of pockets and a fear of bags – the SUPCASE Rugged Holster Case will serve you well.

Not only does it have a belt clip holster, but it’s also got a shock absorbing core and an impact-resistant bumper, so it should be able to survive a drop or two. Plus, there are port covers to keep dust out.

All of this inevitably makes for a slightly chunky finish, especially with the holster attached as well, but it’s a small price to pay for keeping your expensive phone safe from harm.

OtterBox Symmetry Case

Colors: Black, Saltwater Taffy | Material: Polycarbonate and synthetic rubber

Lots of protection

Slim fit


Dull design

OtterBox is perhaps best known for making rugged cases that deliver masses of protection, and the Symmetry series is no exception, but it defies expectations by also being slim.

This plain, unremarkable looking case adds minimal bulk to your LG G6, but provides a lot of protection, with dual-layer defense against drops and bumps, plus scratch protection, and those claims are backed up by over 238 hours of testing, across over 24 different tests.

Trainium Clarium case

Invisible skin for your G6

Colors: Clear, Clear mint, Clear pink | Material: TPU

See-through look doesn’t hide the G6

Lifts screen to prevent scratching

No cons to speak of

This case is minimal as they come, which is good if you’re all about letting the gorgeous design of the G6 breathe. But thankfully, protection isn’t sacrificed in the quest for style.

In addition to protecting your phone from every angle, it raises the screen from touching any surface, like a table, by 1mm. This might not seem like a big deal, but it basically guarantees that your screen will, too, remain scratch-free long after you apply Trainium’s case.


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