Intel X-Series Out This Month


Intel’s Core X Series processors are on sale this month. Made on Intel’s three year-old 14nmm process, they have up to 18 cores and 36 threads and are aimed at applications like VR, gaming and content creation.


‘Content creators can expect up to 20%?better performance for VR content creation2 and up to 30 percent faster 4K video editing3 over the previous generation,’ says Intel, ‘this means less time waiting and more time designing new worlds and experiences. Gamers and enthusiasts will experience up to 30% faster extreme mega-tasking for gaming4 over the previous generation.’

The 12-core Intel Core X-series processor will be available starting on Aug. 28, and 14- to 18-core Intel Core X-series processors will be available starting Sept. 25.

The 4- to 10-core Intel Core X-series processors are already on shelves and available at multiple retailers, along with more than 200 Intel X299 Chipset motherboards.

The launch marks the fifth design on 14nm in Intel’s Tick, Tick, Tick, Tick, Tick strategy.


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