Bistable power relay switches 4kVA


Zettler AZ 7621 P relay

Called AZ 7621 P, the series has electric life expectancy of 50,000 cycles at ambient temperature up to 85°C.

Size is 29 x 12.7mm, by 15.7mm high, and it is aimed at industrial control, heating systems and building automation.

There are two types – single and dual coil.

“At typical set/reset voltage the coil power range amounts to 196mW for single coil or 294mW dual coil, as well as 318mW for 24Vdc dual coil,” said Zettler. “At nominal coil voltage set time as well as reset time is typically 10ms.”

Contact ratings for resistive loads are 4kVA or 16A or 440Vac.

“A 5kV coil-contact dielectric strength and a 1kV dielectric strength between open contacts ensure that the AZ 7621 P is robust enough for even highly susceptible applications,” said Zettler.

It meets DIN VDE 0110 and IEC 60664-1 for basic insulation.

Contact choice is one form A (SPST-NO) or one form C (SPDT) silver-tin oxide (AgSnO2), with optional gold plating. Terminals are tinned copper alloy.

Existing monostable and bistable relays include AZ 762 and AZ 764 series.

Zettler AZ 7621 P relays

contact SPDT-N.O (1 Form C)
SPST (1 Form A)
switched contact power 4kVA
switched contact current 16A
switched contact voltage 440Vac (special precautions if switching >30Vdc)
rated load (UL, CUR) 16A at 250Vac (resistive 85°C 50,000 cycles)
coil power at set/reset voltage 196 mW typ (single coil)
294 mW typ (dual coil)
318 mW typ (dual coil 24 V)
coil temperature 105°C max
dielectric strength 5kVrms coil to contact
1kVrms between open contacts
isolation resistance 1,000MΩ min (20°C 500Vdc, 50% RH)
ambient temperature -40°C to 85°C
vibration 1.5mm DA 10-55Hz
shock 10grav


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