Bosch joins MIPI Alliance


IMG_1725Bosch Sensortec  has joined the MIPI Alliance as a Contributor Member.

The MIPI Alliance is a non-profit organization with more than 275 active member companies, developing interface specifications which drive consistency in processor and peripheral interfaces, promoting reuse and compatibility in mobile and IoT devices.

Bosch Sensortec’s portfolio of MEMS sensors and solutions is tailored for smartphones, tablets, wearable devices and IoT applications.

By joining the MIPI Alliance, Bosch Sensortec will benefit from access to the established standards for hardware and software interfaces in mobile devices, and will be able to contribute to the development of interface specifications that have an impact on the entire mobile industry.

As well as helping Bosch Sensortec improve its MEMS sensors and solutions, the alliance membership will help other Bosch business units to develop mobile-related products in applications including automotive electronics, car multimedia and chassis systems control – driver assistance systems.


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