Cadence and MathWorks join forces for IoT board design


Matlab CThis will bring together the Cadence PSpice analogue and mixed-signal simulator with Matlab and Simulink behavioral-level modelling and analysis in the one system design and debug environment.

Traditionally PCB design required engineers to simulate their design blocks independently without the ability to input feedback from one system into the other.

With the combined tool suite a bi-directional flow allows designers to export behavioral models from Simulink to the PSpice simulator using model export through code generation, or bring PSpice models into Simulink using co-simulation.

They will also have access to 34,000 PSpice models to combine with the Simulink library of blocks and models.

According to Paul Barnard, director of design automation at MathWorks, this integration of PSpice with Matlab and Simulink bridges an important gap in engineering workflows.

“Engineers can now perform analysis and visualization of their PSpice simulations in MATLAB. In addition, the MATLAB and Simulink models that are used in system architecture, modeling and simulation can also directly be used in the verification of detailed PSpice analog/mixed-signal circuit models. Both of these use cases significantly reduce verification engineering time and expenses and improve quality,” said Barnard.



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