Cavendish Kinetics RF MEMS tuner in Samsung Galaxy A8



RF MEMS technology has the potential to improve smartphone performance and user experience.

Antenna tuning has become the default solution for the industry, but the SOI switches many use today are increasingly unable to meet RF performance requirements.

“Cavendish’s low-loss, high-Q RF MEMS tuners allow OEMs to design tunable antennas that enable peak signal strength and corresponding high data rates across the entire set of LTE bands,” says Paul Dal Santo, CEO of Cavendish Kinetics.

Cavendish will release the 2nd generation of its RF MEMS products in 2Q of 2017, which will include the industry’s first viable RF MEMS Switch for cellular Smartphone and IOT radio applications.

Cavendish received a $25 million strategic investment from Qorvo in mid 2015.


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