Construction starts on models of proposed Mexico border wall for US President Donald Trump – an annotated infographic


Construction work is underway on US President Donald Trump’s long-promised border wall designed to stop illegal immigration from Mexico, with contractors building eight prototypes in the San Diego area.

There are myriad technical and legal problems surrounding the building of Trump’s “big beautiful wall” – as many people were already aware – whatever genius ideas the man himself claims to have come up with.

Apart from not actually having the vast sum of money required to pay for the building of such a gigantic land barrier, there are other problems that could easily hold up construction for years and which would almost certainly still be rumbling on long after Trump has been elected out of office and the entire country has lost all faith in the project.

The smart money says Trump’s wall never gets built.

At least one French artist, JR, has managed to bring Americans and Mexicans together over his gigantic sculpture of a baby peering over the current US-Mexico border fence.

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