Corsair K68 is built to resist Mountain Dew spills and Doritos dust


Imagine fighting your hardest to win a team battle in Overwatch and just when you think you can take that victory swig, a Mercy flies in with a last ditch revive. Your hand jumps back to attention on WASD, but in your haste you’ve inadvertently knocked over the bottle onto your keyboard and suddenly much more than the game is ruined.

The Corsair K68 was designed exactly to survive this type of scenario with a new water and dust resistance rating of IP32 rating. This comes thanks to a silicone rubber shield right underneath the keys.

The impermeable material should prevent any liquid from dripping into the keyboards mechanical switches or underlying circuity and make cleaning up easy.

Aside from its rugged features, the Corsair K68 features Cherry MX Red switches with a full red LED backlighting setup. Along the top-right corner of the keyboard you’ll also find a full set of media shortcut keys for changing volume and playback controls. Although there aren’t any dedicated macro keys, the Corsair K68 is fully programmable through Corsair Utility Engine software. 

The Corsair K68 is available now – though pricing has yet to be announced – in North America, China and South Korea (the latter of which gets a special blue LED backlit version). We predict the keyboard will likely make its way to more territories soon enough.


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