Current shunt resistors up to 10kA

Riedon shunt resistors

The RCS, RSH, RSI, RSJ, RSL, and RSN series of precision shunt resistors have four-point Kelvin connections and go as low as 5μΩ for the 10,000A 50mV RSL-10000-50.

Copper-nickel-manganese Manganin alloy is used for temperature stabuility, and standard tolerance is 0.25%, with some series offering 0.1% options.
Other options include 50mV or 100mV outputs and, where applicable, the resistors are mounted on Bakelite bases.

“It’s our in-house manufacturing and design capability that sets Riedon apart from most other suppliers. We can compete on price and delivery while also supporting custom designs,” said Riedon v-p of engineering Phil Ebbert.

Parts are available from Digi-Key.


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