Dc-dc converter takes up to 60V in and makes down to 0.8V, at 10A


Vishay SiC46x cct

Inside the family are a pair of n-channel trench mosfets and a controller, all in a 5x5mm MLP55-27L package.

The devices are: SiC464 (2A), SiC463 (4A), SiC462 (6A), and SiC461 (10A). Adjustable output voltage is 0.95xVin down to 0.8V, and efficiency peaks at 98%.

Applications are expected in factory automation, programmable logic controllers (PLCs), home automation, industrial computing, base station power supplies, wall transformer regulation, robotics, drones, battery management systems, power tools, and e-bikes, along with vending, ATM, and slot machines.

Vishay SiC46x graphThe regulators feature adjustable switching from 100kHz to 2MHz, adjustable soft start and current limits, and three operating modes: forced continuous conduction, power save, or ultrasonic – the latter keeping operation above 25kHz.

Power saving features include a diode emulation mode, and frequency fold back, as the load decreases.

“Constant on-time architecture delivers ultra-fast transient response with minimum output capacitance and tight ripple regulation at light loads,” said Vishay. “It also enables loop stability regardless of the type of output capacitor used, including low ESR ceramic capacitors.”

Protections include: output over-voltage, over-current, short-circuit (with auto-retry) and over-temperature, and there is a ‘power good’ flag.


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