DevBoard Watch: Future’s Nebula IoT Development Kit


DevBoard Watch: Furure's Nebula IoT Development Kit

Designed for both hobbyists and professional developers, it’s intended to help explore IoT application opportunities, such as asset tracking, energy management, fitness management, lighting controls, HVAC, portable controls, security and building automation.

Cloud ready

Basically, it is a cloud-ready IoT board (we’re talking Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, IBM Bluemix and Alibaba Cloud) to support quick prototyping.

What’s new? There’s the addition of six compatible shields to provide a range of sensor platforms, including four Mikroelektronika click boards targeted for humidity, proximity and temperature related applications.

In terms of its spec, at its heart is an STMicroelectronics ARM Cortex-M4 MCU (32 bit RISC Core, running at 180 MHz, with 2MB Flash and 256 kB SRAM). Wireless connectivity is powered by its Murata 1DX module, housing the Cypress-based CYW4343W Wi-Fi and Bluetooth (Classic and BLE) chipset radio.

Finally, application development is supported through the Cypress WICED (Wireless Internet Connectivity for Embedded Devices) platform, letting you develop for IoT on Windows, OS X or Linux.

The company writes:

“Nebula is equipped with 4 different interfaces to access the STM32F429 peripherals, enabling developers to create any IoT application: Arduino compatible shield, mikroBUS socket, Pmod Connector/Interface and USB.”

“The Nebula board also offers easy hardware expandability through a large number of standardized add-on boards. Each one focuses on a different application such as motor control and environmental sensors, and includes the wireless connectivity to enable IoT development. These add-on boards will also be available for purchase from Future Electronics.”

The Nebula IoT Development Kit is sold for $59 and can be bought online from Future Electronics.